The Importance Of Cleanroom Environments

Mar 27, 2024

The pharmaceutical industry in the UK is worth over £40bn, with investment into research and development estimated at £5bn.

Cleanroom Standards

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires a high level of cleanliness, where companies must adhere to stringent processes and procedures to ensure cleanroom environments meet industry standards. ISO14644-1 is the global industry standard for clean rooms and associated controlled environments, ranging from ISO 1 to ISO 9 classifications of air cleanliness by particle concentration, relating to the maximum concentration of particles per cubic meter or cubic foot.

Pharmaceutical products are at risk of contamination from a number of elements such as dirt, dust, airborne microbes and aerosol particles. If too many particles enter the cleanroom then any raw materials, manufacturing processes and even the finished products can be compromised and affected.

The quality and safety of products in pharmaceutical manufacturing is crucial, and so, the machinery and equipment used when processing also must meet industry standards. Generally, an ISO 5 cleanroom is considered to be high-grade and suitable for most pharmaceutical processing. Cleanrooms also provide vital protection from biological contamination to any person working within the environment.

Unique Polishing has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, delivering professional polishing solutions to meet specific client requirements and industry standards. Our highly skilled team can deliver chemical cleaning services and achieve any finish, including sanded, satin polishing (ranging from 3.2ra to 0.1ra) and mirror polishing (0.05 to 0.01).

Our work within the pharmaceutical sector has spanned the globe, with projects as far as Australia, working with leading pharmaceutical brands to achieve and maintain cleanroom environments. All work is supported by our comprehensive inspection services, where all surfaces are tested and certification is provided.

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